f e c e

No songs for this band.

4 piece hardcore punk band with fast drums and grizzled, epileptic and insane vocals. Fece has unpredictable messages and catchy tunes get hooked.

f e c e is ......

Andrew Hall----guitar, rides a crotch rocket

Mihn Gnwin----Bass, makes a cute chick

Brian Wallace-Psycho Epileptic Screamer

Scott Shambaugh---- beat those skins mot that hippie

All of us were really motivated to become a band by 4 of our best friends "The Catholic School Girls" of Salem, Oregon. We just wanted an excuse to play loud music, get drunk and most of all have a lot of fun with our friends. Well so far we are succeeding a bit with that . A bit more getting drunk is in the agenda... We would love opinions leave one in the comment section.